Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging

Preparing your Proposal

Please ensure that your research study falls into the “standard protocol category”: i.e. that it involves only healthy adult volunteers to be tested at the CCNi.

Read the Ethics Template for the appropriate modality, ensuring your research fits with procedures.

Please download the approved ethics template(s) for specific modality:

EEG Studies Ethics Template [FIMS 00418 14/03/08] (pdf)

fMRI Studies Ethics Template [FIMS 00416 09/04/08] (pdf)

MEG Studies Ethics Template [FIMS 00417 09/04/08] (pdf)

TMS Studies Ethics Template [FIMS 00419 09/04/08] (pdf)

For guidance: An example of a TMS Project's Approved Ethics (pdf)

Prepare ethics forms - minimising the changes from template to optmise the review process.

Download the Template Consent Form and Participant Info Sheet - specific to the modality you want to use (you are required to upload both when submitting your proposal)


EEG Study Informed Consent Form (word)

Participant Info Sheet Template  (word)


MRI Study Informed Consent Form (word)

Participant Info Sheet Template - (word)

MRI Screening Form for participants (pdf)

MRI Pre booking form (word)

MRI Pre booking form Chinese version (pdf)


MEG Study Informed Consent Form (word)

Participant Info Sheet Template (word)


TMS Study Informed Consent Form (word)

Participant Info Sheet Template - (word)

TMS Screening Form for participants (pdf)

Using TMS Facilities at the CCNi (pdf)

When completing a Participant Information Sheet, please edit accordingly in relation to your specific study (see sections marked in blue in the documents) and ensure that the version number appears in the top right corner.

Multi-Modal Studies

For studies that use MRI to inform/guide EEG, MEG or TMS experiments, two separate proposals should be submitted (with two separate information and consent forms) as the studies are carried out on separate dates and have different requirements.

Submit to Ethics Committee

When everything is ready, you can upload and submit those documents on to the Ethics Committee website as an online submission. Go to: and click on “submit proposal“.

Fill in the requested details, ensuring your project title includes the modality of your research e.g. with TMS. You will then receive an email with a proposal ID (FIMSXXXXX). It is important you keep a note of this for your records and include in the participants’ information/consent forms, once the proposal has been accepted.

You will then be directed to a page with a series of boxes, as illustrated in the templates. You need to refer to the template, but you do not have to copy everything. Instead, refer to the template and state “This is a standard TMS (or fMRI/MEG/EEG) study” and describe only what is specific to your study, i.e. omitting what is related to the techniques (you can refer to the examples)

A decision for acceptance and potential amendments should be emailed to you within three weeks.

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