Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging

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Rachael Jack's research that suggests that people from different cultures read facial expressions differently has received extensive international press coverage and turned out to be the most read and most shared item on the BBC News website.

Congratulations to Sara Sereno, Guillaume Rousselet, and Cyril Pernet for their new £275,000, two-year ESRC grant: "Fluent reading and the brain: Co-registration and statistical decomposition of eye fixations and anatomically-based lectrophysiology." The grant also includes money for grid use and scanning time. This was the first grant to have received the new departmental incentive bonus.

Dr Lars Muckli, Principal Investigator in the Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging has just published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science a very exciting article about research with a 10-year-old girl born with half a brain who is able to see normally through one eye.