Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging

Preparing your Proposal

Please ensure that your research study falls into the “standard protocol category”: i.e. that it involves only healthy adult volunteers to be tested at the CCNi.

Read the Ethics Template for the appropriate modality, ensuring your research fits with procedures.

Please download the approved ethics template(s) for specific modality:

EEG Studies Ethics Template [FIMS 00418 14/03/08] (pdf)

fMRI Studies Ethics Template [FIMS 00416 09/04/08] (pdf)

MEG Studies Ethics Template [FIMS 00417 09/04/08] (pdf)

TMS Studies Ethics Template [FIMS 00419 09/04/08] (pdf)

For guidance: An example of a TMS Project's Approved Ethics (pdf)

Prepare ethics forms - minimising the changes from template to optmise the review process.

Download the Template Consent Form and Participant Info Sheet - specific to the modality you want to use (you are required to upload both when submitting your proposal)


EEG Study Informed Consent Form (word)

Participant Info Sheet Template  (word)


MRI Study Informed Consent Form (word)

Participant Info Sheet Template - (word)

MRI Screening Form for participants (pdf)

MRI Pre booking form (word)

MRI Pre booking form Chinese version (pdf)


MEG Study Informed Consent Form (word)

Participant Info Sheet Template (word)


TMS Study Informed Consent Form (word)

Participant Info Sheet Template - (word)

TMS Screening Form for participants (pdf)

Using TMS Facilities at the CCNi (pdf)

When completing a Participant Information Sheet, please edit accordingly in relation to your specific study (see sections marked in blue in the documents) and ensure that the version number appears in the top right corner.

Multi-Modal Studies

For studies that use MRI to inform/guide EEG, MEG or TMS experiments, two separate proposals should be submitted (with two separate information and consent forms) as the studies are carried out on separate dates and have different requirements.

Submit to Ethics Committee

When everything is ready, you can upload and submit those documents on to the College Ethics Committee website as an online submission.

(A) Complete and Submit an online CCNi Project Review Form

Please go to the School of Psychology Intranet by clicking here.

On the top RESEARCH menu, select "My Researh Projects".

Click on "CREATE NEW PROJECT" then select "CCNi Project".

After you create the entry, you will see the project listed as "unsubmitted". Click on its entry to access the control panel of the project.

Click on "PROJECT REVIEW FORM" and follow the instructions on the page.

You do not have to submit your form to the steering group straight away. You can save it and go back to it to make changes. If you select other PIs, they will also be able to update the form themselves by following the same procedures.

You will also need to choose your Project Review date from a list of available dates which will be presented to you on the online form. Please make sure you have sufficient time to prepare your presentation by this date (see point B below).

Please note that the closest date you can select is 8 days from the date when you fill in the form. Since all reviews are on Thursdays, this means that if you fill in the form on a Thursday, you cannot select the following Thursday for your review.

Once your form is complete. you will have to make sure that you have inserted a VALID ethics form application number, which will be the proof that you have submitted and ethics application for your project. This is checked automatically by the system, so make sure you type it in correctly. If you do not have a VALID ethics form application number, you will NOT be able to submit your CCNi Project Review form to the steering group. You need to have submitted an ethics application to be able to present your project to the steering group.

Please note, if your chosen Project Review date is less than 3 days from the date you submit your form (this might happen if you wait too long before you submit), you will be asked to choose an different date as it will not leave enough time for the steering group to indicate if they can attend. This new date will be AT LEAST 8 days from the date you submit your form (it could be a lot more if the Thursday slots are already taken by other CCNi Project Reviews).

Once you have submitted your form to the steering group, you will be notified after a few days if your chosen Project Review date has been accepted (a certain amount of reviewers need to be present for the review to take place).

If the Project Review date is not accepted, simply follow the instruction in the email that will be sent to you.

Please note your Project Review Form MUST BE SUBMITTED AT LEAST 3 DAYS PRIOR TO PRESENTATION, to give enough time to the steering group to indicate if they can attend (see note above).  

(B) Prepare your project presentation

(i) Download modality-specific templates and examples:

Project Template - EEG - PDF

Project Template - MRI - PDF

Project Template - MEG - PDF

Project Template - TMS PDF

Project Template - 4D systems - Powerpoint

Example of a Project presentation [Lars, February '08] (pdf)

Example of a Project presentation [Pascal, March '08] (ppt) 

(ii) Prepare slides keeping in mind the 15-minute time limit

(iii) Your slides should be emailed directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." ' + path + '\'' + prefix + ':' + addy28400 + '\'>'+addy_text28400+'<\/a>'; //--> at least 2 days prior to presentation. Please note it is important this deadline is met, as it enables the Steering Group to look over your project details and get back to you prior to the presentation, if critical information is missing.

(C) Presentation to the Project Review Meeting

(D) Approval of your CCNi Project

If the steering group does not approve your project, you will be notified straight away.

If your project is approved by the steering group, you will need to wait for your Ethics Application to be approved before you can start using CCNi resources. If your Ethics Application is not approved, you will need to resubmit it to the ethics committee, and wait for its approval before you can start using CCNi resources.

Once the Ethics Committee approves your application, your CCNi Project form will be automatically updated and you will be able to receive a CCNi project number. You will be notified by email when this happens.

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