Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging


The current creation of a Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging (CCNi) within the Department of Psychology is a strategic priority of the University of Glasgow . This Centre is an interdisciplinary effort to understand the complex relationship between brain, cognition and behaviour at multiple levels of analysis. The Centre will bring together researchers with an interest in cognitive neuroscience, functional neuroimaging, neuropsychology and computational modelling.

An integrated programme of research is benefiting from a platform of complementary, state-of-the-art brain imaging facilities entirely devoted to research in Cognitive Neuroscience. CCNi is equipped with a 3T fMRI scanner, a MEG system, a TMS system, and several EEG systems – including fMRI compatible recording systems.

Research Areas

- Dynamics of Brain Processing
- High-level Vision and Cognition
- Perception and Action
- Auditory Cognition
- Attention and Sensory Integration
- Face and Voice Recognition
- Computational Modelling of Cognition
- Language comprehension and production.


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